N CH NV-05 NV-06 Green Dragon Nick, Nick

Born 27.february 2004

Breeder: Kennel Green Dragon, Italy

Sire: Ferdhu Stone Cold of Bunsoro

Dam: Shaula


Nick 6 weeks old:




Nick 4 months old:


Nick 6 months old:



Million thanks to the Green Dragons and specially to Paola & Stefano for taking care of Nick

 Nick - in Norway:

Nick 10 months old

Nick 11 months old  & Nick 15 months old:



At the beach

16 months

2 years old

Nick December 2006, soon 3 years old:


Nick 2007, 3 years old, photos by Johanna Kuru:

Nick 2007, 3 years old, photos by Nina Paakari:


December 2007:

Nick 4 years old:

Nick 5 years old at lake Mykle:

January 2010:

February 2010; Nick 6 years old!

April 2010: