Norwegian Bullmastiff Speciality 2008

78 Bullmastiffs entered under judge Mrs. Geraldine Shastid, USA

Our results:

Sister of Mercy, Fame

Excellent, CK, 2CHK, 4BTK - "BEST HEAD"

Green Dragon Nick

Excellent, CK

Old Manila's Echo Springs

Excellent, 2. junior, CK

Old Manila's Al Gore

BOS puppy

Old Manila's Truman

3. male puppy

Old Manila's Hillary

2. female puppy

Old Manila's Murdock

Excellent, 3. junior, HP

Old Manila's Little Mill


Old Manila's Tullibardine


Old Manila's Al Gore: BOS puppy

Old Manila's Truman: 3 best male puppy:

Green Dragon Nick: Excellent, CK:

Old Manila's Echo Springs: Excellent, 2. female junior, CK:


Good size fawn bitch, clear colour. Good head. Dark eyes of correct size.

Nice in profile. Slightly more arched than necessary. She shows alertness, activity and breed character.




Old Manila's Tullibardine: Excellent


Old Manila's Little Mill: Excellent


Sister of Mercy, "Fame": Excellent, CK, 2. champion, 4. female winner, "Best head":


"A red bitch with outstanding head, broad, deep. Slightly undershot.

Very compact. Muscular. Short back. Good topline. Confident and moved well."