Italy spring 09


Mary ("Rambull") & me visited the Green Dragons in Forli may/june 2009.

Photos by Mary Heli.


Sundown over the alps - landing in Italy in rain...



"A room with a view" - and the roses in the garden:



The garden:



Olive trees and others:




The neighbour:






Minerva (sister of Albus):





Era 8 years old, mother of Albus & Minerva:






Forli in the rain...:






FOOD! - small village of Borelli:



Paola, Sofia, Hilde & Mary:



The family of Stefano runs a kiosk with fantastic piadinas...:



The boss (not...?):










The last day - finally a little sun! Farm at the top far away = Green Dragon:





Thank you Paola & Stefano - with friends and families - for a wonderful time - again!